Reverb by Habalayon

Ontario-based musician Habalayon has their own studio, Studio Habalayon. “Music is more than a product or form of entertainment, its the culmination of our lifestyle and worldview,” says their website. Reverb is full up with the heaviness of drone, the lightness of soft key sequences and orchestral flourishes. Moments of silence are rare, with the … Continue reading Reverb by Habalayon


La Brume Azur by Mount Hibiki

Hailing from Rio De Janeiro, Mount Hibiki makes cold and wintry ambient. It’s an interesting contrast, considering the city is currently the midst of the Brazilian summer. A grey, misty coldness runs through the album. The crackling sound of heavy rain jumps across opener “Azur,” accompanied by plangent pads, and the “Fortress Mist” trilogy offers … Continue reading La Brume Azur by Mount Hibiki

Structures From Silence by Steve Roach

Released in 1984, Structures From Silence remains an iconic American release in the ambient and electronic genres. It’s a well-respected soundtrack for contemplation, relaxation, meditation, and focused creativity. The album continues to appear at the top of charts and is mentioned as one of the best releases in the genre; even more importantly, it is … Continue reading Structures From Silence by Steve Roach