Music for Space Observation by Jaja

Music for space observation. Pure live transmissions on synthesizer. About the process: This music was written in the late nights til the early mornings in December 2017 on exclusive hardware gear: Roland XV-88, Lexicon PCM 92, RME Fireface 802, Allen & Heath GL 2200. Composed under the winterly stars of Cassiopeia. The music is tuned... Continue Reading →


Structures From Silence by Steve Roach

Released in 1984, Structures From Silence remains an iconic American release in the ambient and electronic genres. It’s a well-respected soundtrack for contemplation, relaxation, meditation, and focused creativity. The album continues to appear at the top of charts and is mentioned as one of the best releases in the genre; even more importantly, it is... Continue Reading →

Callisto by Celer

Have you ever looked up into the sky at night, and it seemed that you could see beyond the stars? How many times have you looked up, but how few do you actually remember? I remember two times: The sky seemed to roll, the stars flickering in the humidity of the late-August evening. It makes... Continue Reading →

Alcoves by Celer

I'm spending the days cataloging books and filling the shelves of the new library. In the early afternoons, the new library employees come in and we learn about their system, and how to work it. It's a 4km walk out of the edge of town, along the hills and red dirt roads with broken palms... Continue Reading →

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